Creating the Set Design For Brighton Beach MemoirsWith Love                                                                                            By Bernice Garfield Szita: Artistic Director


When the lights go up for Center Player’s production of Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon, the audience will be transported to 1937 in a small house in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.  It is the home of Neil Simon as an adolescent boy coming of age surrounded by the family and household environment of the era.

We take great pride in our attention to detail in all our productions, but Brighton Beach Memoirs is one of our most challenging efforts.  Many hours were spent in designing the 14 x 18 foot stage to meet the location and atmosphere needs of this complex production. The lighting and sound components help the audience to focus on the areas of the stage where the action is taking place. This is one of Center Players’ greatest achievements with over 60 light and sound cues!

The colors of the paint match what was used in the 1930’s, the furniture was selected to fit the era and the position of this lower income family at the time, and all the accessories and props are also consistent with what would have been utilized in this deco period.

We are especially proud of the photos mounted on the wall in the house.  They are pictures of the cast and crew’s families.  Many of our team members brought in memorabilia to add to the authenticity of the set and to bring the memories of their ancestors to be part of the spirit of this production.

All this was done on a minimal budget with the help of friends of the theater and our wonderfully devoted production team. We hope you enjoy the vision of love and hope that was created by all volunteers who believe in the magic of theater and the strength of community.

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