Boeing Boeing opens to rave reviews!!

It’s a Hit! BOEING opens to rave reviews!!!
by Muriel J. Smith
Bayshore Courier News

There have been some very funny and highly entertaining plays at the Center Playhouse, but the production currently on stage has to rank up there as one of the very best on this or any other stage.

Boeing Boeing , written by Marc Camoletti and directed by Joseph Stefanelli, has a story line that guarantees a laugh or at the very least a hearty chuckle every minute; literally.

Stefanelli, who is proving he’s every bit as excellent a director as he is an actor and co-producers Greco and Colleen DeFelice were masterful in casting this two-act comedy; every minute of the play proves that here at Center Players, there is a team that excels, works together, and as a result is highly successful in producing a smash hit in which every one of the six actors stars in his own right.

Timing: That’s the first key to the success of Boeing Boeing Set in an apartment near Orly Airport outside Paris, the play features Bernard, perfectly portrayed by JD Wilson, a playboy trying his best to keep three different beautiful women, all airline hostesses on different airlines, at bay from each other while all think each is his only heart throb. Action hits a pitch when the airlines and weather alter schedules, and Bernard and his long time friend, Robert, again, perfection in action as portrayed by Daniel Conroy, find themselves with all three women in the apartment at the same time. The timing comes in the slamming of doors, entry and exit of each of the players, and the precision of each of these movements as the men work at a fever pitch to get the females apart.

Energy: That’s the next thing that sets Boeing Boeing a cut above the rest. Six gorgeous young people: Conroy, Wilson, flight hostesses Kelsey Mackler, portraying Gloria the American, Annabelle Magnusson as Gretchen the German, Kate Pentek as Gabriella the Italian, and finally a grouchy yet cheerful and endearing maid played by Amy Garland Goldman, cavort, race, run, lift, toss and frolic with each other across this tiny stage, never missing a beat in their action nor tipping over a glass or table in the melee. Again, timing is everything and this team has it down pat.
Teamwork: It’s easy to see that while everyone in the cast is brand new to Center Players, they’ve certainly worked together in other venues and are bringing a giant sized trunk full of talent to the Freehold arena. Even Wilson, a military veteran (and just that is enough to thank him for!) and fifth grade school teacher who just hit the world of theater in the last year, has already made a name for himself at the Count Basie in Red Bank with Phoenix Productions, to say nothing of his writing ability and starring role in PL@Y, which raised $10,000 for the Ashley Lauren Foundation.

Perfection: That’s here, too, as evidenced in each actor pulling off funny and crazy stunts which could very well be disastrous and harmful to health and happiness should any one of them go wrong.
If there’s any one ‘star’ in this all star cast, it’s Bernard the playboy. Wilson, tall, handsome, with expressive eyes and quick wit, is strong, masterful and flawless, has great delivery and artistic and comedic skill. But then again, Conroy’s delivery and expressions are mesmerizing and attention getting. As for the flight attendants, each actress portrays her character with an intriguing accent, great delivery, and passion. And Goldman’s caustic side glances, her abrupt one liners and her interaction with the entire cast are all belted out with timeliness and gusto. This is truly a cast where each one deserves special acclaim and admiration.

Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 PM
Sundays at 2:00 PM

At Center Playhouse
(35 South Street, Freehold)

Tickets are:
$25 – Adults*
$23 – Students & Seniors*
(Refreshments Included!)
* Plus $2 Processing Fee.*

Seating is limited per performance so
get your tickets TODAY! Call the box office at
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