The Opportunities Guy Visits Center Playhouse

Guest Blogger Charles Fleisher tells us about his experiences at our theater.

Center Players has great events coming up for everyone to enjoy. I know because I’ve been able to enjoy their shows from a wheelchair.

My name is Charles Fleisher, and I was in a car accident and received a spinal cord injury when I was 18. That was in 1988, and before long I will be coming up, 25th anniversary in a wheelchair. As tragic as that event was, over the course of the last roughly 25 years, I’ve learned to focus on the wonderful things that are still available, instead of the things I can no longer do. I once heard someone say, “Before my accident, there were perhaps 50,000 things I was able to do. Now maybe I’m limited to 30,000.” I challenge anyone to try to do 30,000 things in a lifetime. This philosophy has worked wonderfully for me and millions of others. This is an incredible inspirational thought, and has allowed people, organizations, and companies to find opportunities from their difficulties, since the beginning of time.

There are thousands upon thousands of theaters in the United States. Many of them are wheelchair accessible. Since the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), most of them are. I recently moved to Freehold Township. I’m thrilled to say that as I was driving through Freehold Borough on my way home several months ago, I caught the marquis for Center Playhouse out of the corner of my eye. Last month was my first visit to the theater and it was fun, fun, fun. I started off at a local restaurant where I enjoyed a nice ravioli dinner and a glass of wine.

The parking is very good. There is Public parking behind a string of nearly 10 restaurants, and the theater. I parked in a handicapped spot in front of the municipal building. Afterward, I rolled across the lot toward the theater, up a ramp and through the stage door. It is a small theater, but the staff is very accommodating and they helped me find a comfortable spot for my wheelchair. The show was Mr. 80%. A fun little production that made me laugh! Since then I’ve been to other shows including Tuesday’s with Morrie and The Musical Adventures of Horatio Wolf and Little Red. The next show that’s coming up is the Cemetery Club. I encourage anyone to come out for a relaxing afternoon or evening of fun and entertainment. Center Players offers a reasonable ticket price, which includes dessert and coffee during intermission.


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