You Cannot Act Chemistry

Our lates blog post was written by guest blogger Mel Gjonbalaj:

The women from The Cemetery ClubDue to school and work it seems like quite a few months have passed since I last sat in the charming little playhouse. On Monday night I decide to take a walk down South Street to watch a rehearsal of Center Players’ upcoming production, The Cemetery Club. I nervously knocked on the door and am greeted, as always, with a friendly face and smile.  Once inside I throw my cell phone in my bag and plop myself down besides Bernice Garfield-Szita, the Director.

It’s exciting to be able to see the play come together, to watch the plot unravel. The chemistry on stage makes it easy to forget that the set is unfinished, and that they’re not really drinking tea. It doesn’t matter because the acting is so authentic you feel as if you are there. The laughter and the tears seem real. I find myself becoming attached to the characters and their lives.

I learn you cannot act chemistry. The closeness seen onstage follows the actors offstage.  One watching the scene during a break would assume they were all one big family drinking coffee and eating cake. I also learn that when you’re rehearsing, sometimes you don’t have real music, so the rest of the cast will sing and make music, or say “ding dong” when the door bell rings. If this is what the rehearsals look like then I am pretty excited to see the final production. For now, that’s a wrap.


One thought on “You Cannot Act Chemistry

  1. Colleen says:

    It was a pleasure having you there. Come join us anytime. Yes, we are a family.

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