Dynamite Girl

My name is Lisa D’Angelo.  I have been working on the production team for The Musical Adventures of Horatio Wolf and Little Red at Center Playhouse.  I assisted with the designing and painting of the set and props.  I was asked to design and make a bundle of dynamite sticks as a prop for the show.  I gave it some thought and came up with a simple but effective plan.  I painted paper towel rolls red and attached clothesline for fuses.

I thought they were convincing enough.  Little did I know how convincing they were until I took the dynamite and headed for the theater on foot, as I live close by.  As I passed my neighbor he seemed concerned.  He said, “Do you want a bag?”  He knows I volunteer at the theater but his concern made me think that I might get a reaction from people further downtown.

As I walked down the block a woman screamed, “Dynamite!  Sticks of dynamite!” I assured her that they were theater props and there was no need to be alarmed.  As I ventured across Main Street I got some serious looks from passing drivers.  When I finally got to the theater, I told Bernice and Bob about the reaction I was getting from people and they suggested I write this blog.

Everyone thought they were convincing, on and off stage.  You can still see the show this weekend, Saturday (Aug 18) at 1:00 and 4:00 or Sunday (Aug 19) at 2:00.  The scene with the dynamite is very funny and you’ll laugh twice as hard thinking of people running from me as I walked down Main Street in Freehold with them!

PS – It’ll take me months to use up the stack of folded paper towels I took off the rolls to make this fun project!


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