A New Volunteer Reviews “Morrie”

Center Player’s new volunteer, Roger J. Brooks, wrote the following review for our blog:

In Freehold, NJ, there is a small theater called the Center Playhouse. Away from the Tuesday's with Morrie Logohustle and bustle of downtown Freehold, the theater is a hidden gem in the city’s attempt to revitalize their arts and cultural scene. Center Playhouse is a second home for the actors and crew who all share the passion for drama and excitement. The theater is open throughout the year and will certainly not disappoint the novice or seasoned theater enthusiast.

I visited the Center Playhouse, this past Saturday evening, to see Tuesdays with Morrie. Only two characters are in the play—Mitch and Morrie. The play is about the ups and downs in their relationship; however, Mitch is undergoing numerous personal problems.

As a successful sports reporter, Mitch is the embodiment of success. He has a wife and stable career, but Morrie realizes that Mitch is unhappy with his life. Although suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, it is Morrie who instills confidence in Mitch and helps him live a better life. While at his bedside, Mitch learns about life values from Morrie. Morrie eventually succumbs to his health condition and Mitch moves on with his life a more confident person.

Anthony Greco who plays Mitch and Bill Lee who plays Morrie, are just impeccable. Bill Lee just nails his role as an ailing professor, while Anthony Greco is just incredible as a frustrated professional in his mid-thirties. If I can sum up their acting in one word–superb!

Tuesdays with Morrie is about life values and accepting circumstances. If you want to see this and other plays, then check on the Center Player’s website for more information about the upcoming show season.

I volunteered for Center Players because of an interest in the art of acting. As a creative professional, it was only normal to connect with a community of actors who enjoy volunteering their time for a cause. It was a great experience and I learned so much. I am ready to offer my time again.

Ed: Thank you, Roger, for a wonderful review!


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