Visitor Reviews Mr. 80% Rehearsal

Mr. 80% LogoGuest blogger Marc Knobloch visited Center Playhouse recently and had this to say about it:

I recently thankfully accepted an invitation to witness a complete run-through rehearsal of the delightful comedy “MR. 80%” by James Sherman.  It was one of those decisions that I look back on with an air of confidence in having done the right thing.

As the actors settled into their roles, their dedication to their craft was clearly evident.  Every line was confidently delivered, every comedic moment crafted as to elicit the audience’s maximum humorous reaction.  This is a group that clearly loves their craft!  When the rare occasional flub appeared, it was quickly and efficiently quelled by the actor without skipping a beat.

Although seated in the first row of the Center Players’ small theater, I can only imagine that any one of the 49 seats would feel like a comfortable chair situated within the stage’s set (also carefully created by the cast members) and the play’s setting – a New York apartment.  This clear view only served to enhance the overall experience.

This experience clearly proved to me why ensuring at least one visit to Center Players on South Street in downtown Freehold any time from April 13th to May 6th will be another smart decision for which I will be thankful for.  I promise that you will feel very much the same!



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