Location, Location, Location

The Passion of Dracula logoGuest blogger Ray Ruiz, Center Players board member and superb tech coordinator has this to say about his recent theatrical experience:

This past weekend was the closing weekend for the CP’s production of “THE PASSIONS OF DRACULA”. I did not realize what a difference 4 to 6 feet could make. I have been doing Sound and Lights for CP’s for the past 3 1/2 years. I am usually focused on the script and looking ahead for my cues. I did not realize how much I miss.

Why do I say this? This past Saturday and Sunday, I was given the opportunity to sit in the audience. Just 4 – 6 feet closer than the tech room. Wow!! What a difference. The acting on stage was superb. I was able to see all the little things the actors do on stage that I missed when my head was buried in script. Kudos, to Colleen and Lou for their direction, Mark for his Tech designing, Anthony for his production and overall contribution, and of course the cast and crew for the wonderful performances that occurred on the CP’s stage over the past 4 weeks. I am honored to be a part of this.


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