Dan Aykroyd and Dracula Share a Drink

Dan Ayckroyd and Ray Sammak

Dan Ayckroyd and "Dracula" Toast to Success

During a rare daytime appearance, Dracula came to Sam’s club of Freehold to share a Bloody Mary with Dan Aykroyd, internationally known movie celebrity. Dracula was able to attend the bottle signing event to launch Crystal Head Vodka, a new product introduced by Aykroyd, through the protection of Sam’s Club’s powerful  Thirteen Thousand Sun Screen, available to vampires only.

Both Dracula and Dan Aykroyd were on their very best behavior and there was no biting or fighting despite the press of many bodies in the crowd to get closer to catch a glimpse of the handsome duo. Dracula was delighted to find out that Dan had an appreciation of the supernatural and the role he played in the film Ghost Busters was based on a great respect of the occult.

The cast and crew members of the Passion of Dracula took advantage of the long lines of people waiting for Dan’s autograph on their Crystal Head skull bottle and passed out hundreds of season brochures for Center Players. So many people were excited to find out there was an award winning residential theater in the town of Freehold and spoke of coming to our next performance and the year’s offerings. 

Dracula, Center Players, and friends of Dracula are extremely grateful for the warm generosity of Dan Aykroyd and Isaac Kask, Sam’s Club’s store manager for their warm generosity of inviting Dracula to be part of this celebrity event.

Dracula was tired but happy when he flew away from Sam’s. He did need a nap in his coffin before performing in the afternoon matinee!


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