Auditions, Moving and Puppeteers

The Snow Queen (Brrrrr!)

Any one of the many Center Players volunteers can tell you that things move very quickly around here. Murphy’s Law is also frequently at work.

Director Anthony Greco held auditions for his upcoming production of Barefoot in the Park on Sunday. Usually many of us “regulars” show up, even if we don’t want to act, only because hanging out at Center Playhouse seems like a family gathering. However, many of us were holed up in the “dungeon” of the former Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce office, packing and moving our stuff out and into our new storage space.

As anyone who has moved house recently can tell you, you don’t know how much stuff you own until you pack it up for a move!

Thanks to Board President Bernice Garfield-Szita, the powerhouse who acquired our new storage space, and Colleen DeFelice, the powerhouse who organized our move, Center Players doesn’t have to worry about storage space anymore!

So far so good, until Murphy’s Law comes into play. While we were packing, moving and holding auditions, Bernice got a call from Paper Moon Puppet Theatre, the original and brilliant puppeteers who are scheduled to perform The Nutcracker at Center Playhouse on December 5th. Two puppeteers for that production came down with an illness and Paper Moon had to switch productions to The Night Before Christmas and the Snow Queen (two productions for the price of one).

Personally, I think The Nutcracker is a bit overexposed this season. It’s seems to be in every other theater. I actually prefer The Night Before Christmas and the Snow Queen! I believe our audience will agree with me. We have two performances: 1PM and 4PM. Tickets are only $12 for all ages. Hope to see you there!


One thought on “Auditions, Moving and Puppeteers

  1. Bernice Garfield Szita says:

    Thank you Fern for recording the continued process of Center Players. All who helped to make the move the breezeway of the Court Street School are tired but proud of all the fine effort it took to choose what would go, what to keep and what to contribute. It was a massive undertaking and so sad to see familiar set pieces from past productions being tossed because our new location is so much smaller. I think i am a cured saver after this experience. But on with the show. We are thrilled to have the Paper Moon Puppet Theater back with us this Sunday. The sound of children’s laughter is the best medicine! It is a terrific reminder of why we do what we do!

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