Asbury Park Press Posts Article

I must apologize for not posting for a while. The last few weeks of rehearsal are so time consuming as we rehearse almost every evening. Once the show opens, as this one did two weeks ago, performances are tiring (particularly on Saturdays when we performed two back-to-back matinees) and the free time is spent catching up on housework, bills and chores that were postponed for so many weeks!

Templeton, Charlotte and Wilbur (photo by Mark Lamhut)

Charlotte’s Web has been a wonderful experience for the actors as well as our young audiences. Kids are quite vocal and the actors learn exactly how they feel as they chat openly to us while the show is going on live! Our tiny patrons tell us to “Look at the web!” and “Templeton got a big belly!” and “Help the Piggy!” while we try to stay in character and keep a straight face. Between scenes, the actors share anecdotes of the brilliant and funny audience comments and the joy they spread in our little theater.

I am happy to report that the Asbury Park Press just posted a cute article about our production’s younger actors. And for the first time in Center Players’ history, the New York Times showed an interest in us too and printed a blurb about the production. We love media attention and are grateful that we are getting noticed!

Meanwhile, Anthony Greco, the director of our upcoming October production Doubt, A Parable, held two days worth of auditions and is in the middle of casting the show. I was lucky enough to attend this summer’s reading and will definitely not miss seeing this thought-provoking show.

If you are young at heart and/or have children, Charlotte’s Web should not be missed. This weekend, we are performing at Applewood Estates’ Performing Arts Center. Check out Center Players’ website for tickets and more information.


One thought on “Asbury Park Press Posts Article

  1. Bernice Garfield Szita says:

    We’re coming into the home stretch for Charlotte’s Web. This beautiful story has touched the hearts of so many children through the years. We have had parents come in and tell us it was their favorite as a child and now they are delighted to share it with their own children. Our own “Charlotte”,
    Jill Zaitchick, read it to her son Grant, who also appears in the production. Some of the best work Center players does is a “family thing” Don’t miss it!

    Bernice Garfield-Szita

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