Chicks and Goslings and Little Lambs

Neil (left) and Grant try giving Sami some medicine.

It’s just about three weeks before the show opens on August 14th. Some actors (including me) are still on book, using the script as a security blanket for our memory lapses. Of course, the kids in the cast are off book and have been for a while! Katherine and Michael, who play Fern and Avery respectively, are mature, professional and talented young actors who bring depth into their characterizations. The youngest cast member Kerry, who plays the Little Lamb, is also off book. Her dead pan delivery of sarcastic lines has the cast and crew cracking up. Grant, a tall teen starting his sophomore year in high school, is playing Lurvy the farmhand. He has created the characterization of a gawky young man more comfortable with animals than kids his own age.

This group of talented kids are so mature that I’m considering doing a run of Annie again! Hmmm. Maybe not.


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