The Life of a Pig

The production of Charlotte’s Web is underway. The director has blocked half the play with the cast (blocking is orchestrating each character’s movement across the stage). The theater company is also busy interviewing directors for next season’s productions.
Our guest blogger Sami has written a new blog post for you:

Annie, Kerri, Sami, Michael and Linda at rehearsal.

Hi everyone, its Sami, your friendly, neighborhood newbie techie from I’m Not Rappaport. Back in my element on the stage. This time, as Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web.

As a part of Kruise Night, we were finally able to get out of our seats and get onto the stage to begin playing!

What I didn’t know though, was that I would be on my knees for the first ten minutes or so. Ouch! I forgot how much that could hurt after a bit. Especially on a hard, wooden stage.

After trying different positions (such as kneeling, leaning against the wall, and squatting down as if talking to a child), I decided the most comfortable, and easily reversible of the three was to kneel onstage.

When it came time to stand though, I realized how much my knees actually hurt after being on them for 10 minutes (I’m not a kid anymore!).

It was after our break, though, that I finally got a wonderful gift-KNEE PADS!!! Strapping them onto my legs, I kneeled back down and enjoyed the cushioning effect! Ah, comfort!

Ah, tis the life of the actor, and the life of the pig 🙂

See you all there!!

Thanks Sami! Can’t wait to hear more about your metamorphosis to Wilbur the Pig!

One thought on “The Life of a Pig

  1. Ray Ruiz says:

    Keep up the good work Sami. Enjoying working with you and this wonderful cast of C. Web. Your fellow Techie. I’m in Toronto right now for my anniversay. see you and the gang next Monday. Have a nice day.


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