Kruise Night Tonight!

Center Playhouse has been an exciting place lately. The cast for Charlotte’s web has been chosen and Tuesday night was the first read through. As usual, laughter ensued as well as a bit of drama. The actress who was cast as Charlotte decided not to do the play and there was a last-minute shuffling of characters. Jill, who was initially cast in the role of Edith, was now Charlotte. She couldn’t have been more pleased!Charlotte's Web book by E.B. White

Tonight is Freehold’s Kruise Night. The entire cast of Charlotte’s Web will be there, for our first “up-on-your-feet” rehearsal. Center Players is opening the doors at 7:30PM and allowing visitors to witness tonight’s rehearsal. Everyone is invited to attend and watch. If you’ve never been to a theatrical rehearsal, you will discover that the actors’ talents are developed through a great sense of humor and a love of fun.

But get there early! The borough of Freehold is exceptionally busy on Kruise Night. Almost all the businesses in town participate, hire entertainers, and enjoy the influx of so many people at once on a usually quiet Thursday afternoon and evening. The good-time energy is felt by everyone and it is catchy!

Photo by RichieC:


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