Moving On

I’m sad to say that due to unforeseen circumstances, Manhattan Serenade was canceled. The producer of the show promised us a blog update as to why the show was canceled and the lessons learned from the experience. My understanding is that it had something to do with the rights to use certain songs and a dispute with ASCAP, the organization that monitors the use of copyrighted music.

So, rather than mourn the loss of the last show, Center Players boldly moves forward with the next production, Charlotte’s Web, a play adapted from the beautiful, award-winning childrens book by E. B. White. This show will be directed by Deborah Pedretti. Center Players held auditions today from 1 to 4 pm and yours truly had a chance to audition with some terrific actors, both young and old (um, older). I had a great time trying out along with about 60 others.

There were some fabulous young actors from age 7 and up. I could barely read at that age, yet these kids are giving great cold readings at the first shot! I was very impressed. I also ran into some Center Players regulars who were auditioning. Plays for children are especially fun to do for actors because you can give broader performances, which young audiences love.

I can’t wait to find out who was cast in the production!


One thought on “Moving On

  1. Judy says:

    YOU always hit it spot on~ it was great fun at auditions as it always is. Auditions are an experience all their own.

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