Singing in the Rain

Last Thursday was Freehold’s first Kruise Night for summer 2010. Freehold has a long-standing history with Kruise Night, which is the last Thursday of each month. Center Players participates by opening its doors to the public, serving cake, coffee and juice, and giving visitors the opportunity to watch a rehearsal of our upcoming production, Manhattan Serenade.

Those of us that waded through rain puddles and dodged lighting bolts to get to the theater were treated to a wonderful performance by guitarist Derek Sammak, age 20, a student in the painting and fine arts department at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Derek’s father Ray just completed five weekends of performances of I’m Not Rappaport with Center Players. We had no idea Ray has such a multi-talented son! As they say, “the apple falls not far from the tree.”

Derek played some light jazz, some Beatles, took requests from the audience, and played two different songs simultaneously on the acoustic guitar. Very impressive!

After Derek’s performance, the cast of Manhattan Serenade rehearsed with happy Kruise Night onlookers in the audience. With joyous singing, graceful dancing, and a cute storyline that reminds me of the classic movie “On the Town,” this show has it all! Pictured above, the lovely Ashley Folino sings, accompanied by talented co-star Reuven Lirov.

This show was written by Greg Brooks, who also directs, choreographs and stars in our production. Talk about multi-talented! The plot follows three WWII army men on 24-hour leave who meet and woo three women. A lot can happen in just 24 hours, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, Derek Sammak stood outside in the rain, serenading onlookers, successfully enticing them to enter the theater and visit with us. All in all, a successful Kruise night despite the soggy weather.


One thought on “Singing in the Rain

  1. Bernice Garfield Szita says:

    I love having this dynamic fluid blog to keep us all in the loop of the amazing activities and people of Center Players! Thanks so much Fern for initiating and guiding this new age addition to Center Players!


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