I Think I Got It!

By Guest Blogger Sami
Now that I’ve teched the show a few times, and have had time to get comfortable with the buttons and movements of

Photo credit: troismarteaux, Flickr.com

the lights and sound, I feel more confident when I walk into my  “little hole in the wall” as I call it where I make the lights and sound magic happen!

However, this also means that when I make a mistake, I know where it is, and what I did wrong the second I do it, or even while I’m doing it. While I won’t divulge where I made my most current mistakes on the last occasion I teched by myself, I will say this: I know where I made the mistakes, they were little slip ups that nobody in the audience noticed (except our wonderful director, who later told me “so, we need to work on the lighting” with a smile on her face), and I know how I can easily fix them.

With three weeks left of this wonderful show, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this wonderful cast. We still have nine more shows though and I’m looking forward to the rest of the run being smooth and steady.

If you do come see the show, stop in and say hi! Can’t wait to see you all!!!


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