Church Belles

Actors are a religious lot. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen actors praying in the wings waiting for their entrance. Those moments, right before you go onstage, can be nerve wracking and the only thing that eases your nerves is prayer.

Center Players is attending church tomorrow night at 7PM. No, we are not attending a special actor’s mass or confessing our theatrical sins. We will be performing for the Martha Mary Guild of St. Mary’s Church, Madonna Hall, Rt. 34 and Phalanx Road in Colts Neck. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Center Players has developed an entertaining introduction to our favorite subject: Center Players. We will be discussing who we are and what we do with entertaining vignettes and lively discussion.

  • Ray Sammak and Ray Dothard (the stars of the currently running “I’m Not Rappaport”) will discuss theatrical readings. If we are lucky, they’ll give an example of one of their scenes.
  • Lindsey Wagner and Lorin Ottone will be discussing the art of the monologue, the actor’s nemesis and best friend.
  • Reading sides will be given by Annie and Richard Flanagan. They’re married in real life, so this should be interesting.
  • Rehearsing your scenes – Anthony Greco and Kait Bernaski will give some examples from “Barefoot in the Park,” one of my favorite plays
  • Opening night – with stories from our current production, “I’m Not Rappaport” and probably a few other shows. This theater company has been around for a while.

Attendees will learn about Center Players, our volunteering opportunities, and hear about the extraordinary experience of putting on live theater productions in our own playhouse.

Join us!


One thought on “Church Belles

  1. Colleen DeFelice says:

    Great piece, Fern. Thanks

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