Star Tech – Make It So

Sami, our newbie Techie wrote about the play from the crew’s point of view:

Today was my first tech day! And BOY was it an adventure!! I haven’t teched in a while, but wanted to help out Center Players. The control room was a bit more confusing than I originally thought it was going to be. All the buttons and knobs and levers!

Under Ray Ruiz’s tutelage, I went to work. Ray watched over me and helping me with the cues. I was so nervous

(From left) Ray Dothard and Ray Sammak

because it was my first time using the machines. He taught me how to read the cues in the script, advising me to put the cues IN the script as opposed to the call sheet Mark, the lighting designer, had set up for me.

Then..we got to page 84..DUN DUN DUN!! Page 84, I need to grow a few more hands to be able to manage it. After running it a few times though, I saw it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it was going to be.

In all, I’d say that the tech experience will be just that…an experience! A wonderful, fun, learning experience!

And a few days later, Sami reported about her progress:

During today’s rehearsal, I finally ran the lighting and the sound board by myself! It was the first time doing it, so I was just a little nervous about the whole thing.

Ray, our other techie, came by to check on me, helping me to start the show with the right light and sound cues. Once they were done, and the rehearsal had started, he wished me luck and was on his way. This, of course, was after one of our wonderful stage managers (who had teched before), came back to give me her own advice: “Breathe! Just take deep breaths.”

Great advice! During rehearsal, I felt like I was working too slowly, but I quickly got the hang of the light changes in the first act, and let myself relax, remembering that I had script memorized which could only benefit the lighting cues.

When the slow fade blackout happened at the end of act I-I FINALLY let go of the breath that I didn’t realize I had been holding, for over an hour!

As for the actors: They were wonderful! It was the first night that they weren’t allowed to call “line” if they forgot what to say. This, of course, proved to be their challenge of the night. There were a few slips in lines, and I could tell that the actor who had slipped, wanted so badly to call line, but like any professional actor, he improvised a line and moved onto the next one with ease.

The fight scene at the end of ACT I seems more and more realistic each time it is rehearsed. The pace has picked up, the timing is better, and the actor playing Gilley (Anthony Woodcock), is more confident in his movements during the scene.

We’re now at about T-minus one week until the show opens! You can feel the buzz and excitement around the theater, each time a new element is added to the production. Today, it was Laurie’s costume and her Walkman, along with a fully completed set.

Can’t wait for the show to open!


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