First Tech Rehearsal

Just heard from Mimi and Joan, our production’s co-stage managers. Here’s what I learned from their email:

Despite its length, I must say that the rehearsal, from the audience, really started looking and sounding terrific and it was only the first day of tech! The scenery and lights and sound made a big difference in creating the illusion of Central Park in the Fall in the ’80s and it was obvious that the actors were beyond their “learning their lines” and into “creating/being their characters.” I can’t wait until we roll!

I think I will stop by the theater this week and take a look at the set, which was designed to scale by Cristina Peters. Cristina built the set with the help of her husband Mark. Her set for our last production, The Vagina Monologues, was amazing and was specifically designed to be expanded when performances were held in the larger venue of Applewood Estates Performing Arts Center. My hat’s off to you, Cristina! {{{Applause}}}


One thought on “First Tech Rehearsal

  1. Judy says:

    Bravo, Cristina!! Your sets help our productions come to life and add so much to every single show we do! I cannot wait to come down this week and see the results of everyone’s hard labor. I’m sure there will be Bravo’s all around!

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