One of my blog spies, our techie Sami, sent me a missive chock-filled with information. She reports that at a recent rehearsal the director ran the entire show, from start to finish, to see how things flowed. It was interesting to see the entire show for the first time as the first act wasn’t run in a couple of weeks.

My spy also reports that the young man who plays Gilley, has achieved a noticeable positive transformation in his acting skills from the first read-through to now. He has newly-found confidence and has developed his onstage characterization.

Midge and Nat looking spiffy in their Sunday best on the park bench.

Sami reports that “The relationship between Nat and Midge is more solid too. The words flow better and their actions are more realistic, and there are a lot less stop-and-go parts to reposition themselves.” 

Remember Laurie’s blood capsule issue? Sami’s mission is to make sure the “True Blood” scene works! After two nights of brainstorming with the two actresses who play the character of Laurie, they found a new “bleeding” method and are just waiting for it to be delivered to the theater.
Thanks for the guest blog post, Sami!

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