True Blood

Although I am fearful of blogging too much plot, I feel compelled to tell you just one little snippet of information. :::SPOILER ALERT:::There is one violent scene where The Cowboy smacks Laurie in the face, resulting in a little show of blood. I’m sure most of you know about the “blood” capsules that are used onstage. The actor places the capsule in his/her mouth and bites on it to bleed on cue . During rehearsal, “Laurie” had a bit of trouble with the blood capsules:

Slapping Scene

The "True Blood" Scene

Director: Why aren’t you bleeding? What went wrong?
Laurie: Um, the capsules are difficult to break. I can’t bite them open easily. I’m gnawing on it and it just won’t break!

Next try:
Director: What’s wrong? Where’s the blood?
Laurie: The capsule is on the floor. It fell out of my mouth.
Director: Good. We thought you lost a tooth.

Next try:
Director: Where’s the blood?
Laurie: I was able to bite the capsule open but the blood flowed to the back of my mouth. (pause) Tastes minty, like toothpaste!

Next try:
Director: So, what happened now?
Laurie: The capsule dissolved in my mouth before it was supposed to.
Director: When you’re done snacking on the blood capsule, let’s try the scene again.

Next try:
Director: Perfect! You bled on cue and it looks wonderful.
Producer: So realistic, I feel like crying. Now I want to beat up the Cowboy for smacking Laurie!

All kidding aside, the scene looks wonderful from the audience. The audience is going to gasp when they see the blood. Can’t wait!


One thought on “True Blood

  1. Judy says:

    I promise to “gasp” at the show…… because I’m laughing so hard now I’m rotflmao! Great blog post gang – I can picture the entire thing!

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